Martin Adjustable Angle Portable Drafting Table Review

Martin Adjustable Angle Portable Drafting Table Review
Martin Adjustable Angle Portable Drafting Table



Six-position, Large knobs, High resin


Easy to leave indentations


The Martin pro-draft parallel straightedge kit is the premier item in its class

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When you’re looking to get started on a new project, then you’ll need somewhere to work on it. We don’t mean a studio space or anything too fancy, but something like a drafting table can make the job far easier. Instead of having to move around the table, all you’ll have to do is adjust the table itself to suit your needs.

There are many different kinds of drafting tables, ranging from portable models (like the one from Martin that we’re going to review) all the way to heavy, stationary drafting tables. Portable models usually resemble drawing boards a little more than actual tables, but they’re convenient, and you can take them anywhere.

You can also find full-size drawing tables that are designed to be more portable than simple stationary models. Tables like these are usually equipped with casters on their feet so that you can move them around your studio. When you find the right spot, just pop the locks on the wheels, and you’ll be ready to work.

We’ve decided to review this portable drafting table from Martin so that we can give our readers an idea of what to expect when they purchase this product. Before we get to our review, we’re going to cover two aspects that you’ll need to look for in the best drafting table so that you can get the most out of your money.

Knobs On Drawing Table


Portability is a crucial feature in smaller drafting tables, and there are many different designs for customers who need to move around often. As we mentioned before, a popular option is a hybrid between a drafting table and an adjustable drawing board, which is the same kind of product as the one we’re reviewing.

However, there are other portable designs as well, including wheeled tables, and tables which fold up. Folding tables usually have sturdy locking mechanisms that help keep them in place when they’re unfolded, but they’re typically less reliable than other kinds of tables because of the larger number of weak points.

Ease Of Use

You’re also going to want to consider how easy it is to use your drawing board. Nobody should have to go through 15 steps to unlock their table before they can adjust the angle or the height. Before you buy a drawing board, take a look at where all of the adjustment levers are positioned, and whether or not they’re easy to use.

Some tables are equipped with locking mechanisms that are too tight, and you'll need two people just to get it unlocked so that you can adjust the angle. If a drawing table is hard to use, then you'll be likely to never use it in the first place, so make sure that you get a product that can be used without having to take out the instructions all the time.

About The Product


  • Drawing surface dimensions: 24 x 36 inches
  • Features an anti-warp aluminum straightedge for extra durability
  • Can be adjusted between six different positions, up to an angle of 30 degrees
  • Made of high resin particle board, adding resilience
  • Adjustment knobs are smooth and reliable
  • Only weighs 10 lbs

This portable drafting table from Martin may be rather pricey for the size, but it’s made out of high-quality materials that help ensure that it will outlast the competition. The inclusion of a straightedge also means that this portable drafting table is ideal for technical drawing or other tasks requiring straight lines.

With a drawing surface that’s 24 x 36 inches large, the Martin Adjustable Angle Drawing Board is one of the largest portable models that we’ve come across. We reviewed the XX large version of this portable drafting table, though you can also find small, medium, and large variants available.

This Martin drafting board also comes equipped with a few features that you won’t find on more affordable models. For example, the straightedge on this portable drafting table is made out of aluminum which is designed to resist warping. The use of aluminum also reduces the overall weight of the drafting board.

The aluminum straightedge is controlled using two knobs on the sides, and they feel smooth and reliable when you turn them. Unlike some other portable models, you can also adjust the Martin drafting board to your liking, and it features six different positions which can go up to a maximum angle of 30 degrees.

This portable drafting table is also meant to be more durable than competing products as it’s made out of high resin particle board. For added convenience, this model also comes with a carry handle, which lets you bring it wherever it’s needed without having to grip it around the edges.

What Others Say

Drawing Table Adjutment System

To give you a better idea of how this model performs, we’ve also gone over what other customers have had to say about it in their reviews and testimonials.

When it comes to the positive reviews, many buyers were impressed by the excellent build quality of the adjustment mechanism and the straightedge. A lot of customers praised the 30-degree maximum adjustment angle, which is higher than many other portable drafting tables can go.

Negative reviews mentioned that it's too easy to leave indentations on the drawing surface, particularly when using a compass. Some buyers said that they would have preferred a rubberized work surface. Other customers received products that were damaged in delivery.

Buying Advice

If you’re wondering how much you can expect to spend on this drafting board, then the cost will be around 128 dollars. While this may be relatively steep for something that isn’t even a full-sized drafting table, you’ll find that the build quality makes this product more than worth the money.

Final Thoughts

This portable drafting table from Martin is an excellent choice if you need mobility and build quality in equal measure, though it’s admittedly a bit pricey. We hope that this review has helped you decide what’s right for you, and as always, feel free to leave any comments down below.

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