Studio Designs 10053 Vision Craft Station Drafting Table Review

Studio Designs 10053 Vision Craft Station



Heavy Gage Powder Coated Steel Construction, Tempered Blue Safety Glass Top, 3 Plastic Molded Slide out Drawers


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The Vision Craft Station will satisfy all of your needs as an artist or draftsman

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Whether you’re an artist, an architect, or a construction site manager, the supplies that you use can make your job far easier. In fact, a lack of supplies can make the task downright impossible, so you’ll always want to be sure that you’re using the best equipment. We’re here to help you choose it with our review of the Vision Craft Station.

There are a lot of pieces of gear that are essential to people in the professions we just mentioned. Things like drawing implements and other tools can’t be overlooked, but artists and architects also need a specific place to work. This is where the drafting table proves invaluable.

A drafting table is one that is specifically made for use by people who need to draft up designs, sketch, or draw. These tables can usually be adjusted in a variety of ways, and they will allow the user to be more comfortable as they work on their project, instead of needing to lean over uncomfortably.

There are so many different drafting tables on the market, and finding the right one is usually a challenge, and this is why we’ll be presenting our review of this model from Studio Designs. Before we reach our review, we’re going to take a few paragraphs to discuss some of the most crucial aspects in drafting table design.

Studio Designs 10053 Vision Craft Station Tray


As with any other product, you'll always want to consider the cost of your drafting table. Contrary to what many may believe, drafting tables aren't all that expensive unless you plan on getting the most impressive model on the market. The majority will be in the price range of 100 to 125 dollars.

Keep in mind that a higher price won’t automatically make a drafting table better, and this is why it’s so crucial to research the products at your disposal. You can end up paying 50% more for a drafting table and finding out that it’s 100% less effective than the other model, so don’t use price as the only metric to determine a table’s quality.


If you do end up purchasing a poor-quality drafting table, then you’re going to need a long warranty, but even in the best models, you’re going to need a long enough warranty. Sometimes things go wrong in production, and a product may have a flaw that doesn’t become evident until later on.

Be sure to take a look at how long the warranty lasts for your new drafting table, as that can save you from having to buy a new one if your current model eventually malfunctions. Looking at the warranty can also help you determine how much faith a manufacturer has in their product, as a table with a five-year warranty is likely well-made.

About The Product


  • Dimensions of the work surface: 35.5 x 23.75 inches
  • The top is made out of tempered blue safety glass
  • The angle can be adjusted from flat to 70 degrees
  • Equipped with three molded plastic drawers that can be positioned on either side
  • Has castering wheels, two of which can lock
  • Also comes with four optional side trays

The Vision Craft Station from Studio Designs is an impressive product that offers much more functionality than the competition. From the castering wheels that offer superior mobility to the sturdy powdered steel construction, this drafting table is designed to give you your money’s worth.

We were surprised by the functionality of this drawing table, especially when compared to other models in the same price range. The Vision Craft Station features a high-quality safety glass top that looks modern and gives you a comfortable surface to work on. It is also far more durable than other kinds of glass.

Another element of the construction that impressed us was the use of heavy gauge powder coated steel, which means that this table is built to last. Unlike many other drafting tables, this model is mounted on casters that help provide superior mobility, and two of them can lock to keep the table in place.

This drafting table also comes with four optional side trays that you can fit your supplies in. These trays have room for pencils, markers, and more, and you can attach as many of them as you want or even completely omit them if you prefer having more free space along the sides of the table.

The plastic drawers that come with this table may feel a little flimsy, but they’re sturdy enough to last, and they can be positioned on either side of the desk, depending on your preference. Finally, this model also features a pencil ledge that gives you plenty of space to store your drafting supplies.

What Others Say

Studio Designs 10053 Vision Craft Station Storage

Other buyers were mostly impressed by the range of features that came included with this drafting table. The versatility of the product was particularly emphasized, with customers praising the inclusion of casters for improved mobility. Others mentioned how convenient the optional side trays were.

The main complaints about this model were directed towards the assembly process, as you’ll likely need a powered screwdriver to get the screws all the way in. Buyers also found that the drawers felt like they were going to break at any moment while they were being assembled, much like we did.

Buying Advice

While this model may be a little more expensive than other drafting tables in the same price range, you'll find that it is worth the additional cost. This model is available for between 120 to 130 dollars, depending on the retailer that you go to. This drafting table can be purchased online or in-store, though you'll be more likely to find it on the internet.

Final Thoughts

The Vision Craft Station from Studio Designs is one of the best products in its price range, mainly due to the variety of extra features it includes. Thank you for taking the time to read our review, and please leave us any comments or questions down below so that we can get back to you.

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