Studio Designs Eclipse Craft Center Drafting Table Review

Studio Designs Eclipse Craft Center Drafting Table Review
STUDIO DESIGNS Eclipse Craft Center



Floor Levelers for Stability, Top Angle Adjustment, Additional Under Desktop Storage Shelf


Cloth drawers


This 3-piece Center by Studio Designs provides a comfortable work space and keeps your supplies easily accessible.

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Artists have a hard enough job when their own equipment isn’t conspiring against them, and that’s why you need to buy high-quality supplies. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than putting your blood, sweat, and tears into a project, only to have it ruined by a collapsing drafting table or some other piece of faulty equipment.

Today, we’ll be reviewing the Studio Designs Eclipse Craft Center, which is one of the best drafting tables on the market, especially when you consider the price. Finding the perfect drafting table can usually be a challenge because you’re unable to try it out before you buy it.

Other challenges that you have to deal with when looking for a drafting table is that they all look relatively similar to each other, so it’s hard to determine which is the best model visually. Usually, the only option at your disposal would be trial and error, and this is why we’ve decided to put together this review guide.

In this article, we’ll cover everything that you need to know about the Studio Designs Eclipse Craft Center, and by the end, you’ll feel as if you’ve used the table yourself. Before we get to our in-depth review of this drafting table, we’re going to discuss two aspects that are crucial to any high-end drafting table.

STUDIO DESIGNS Eclipse Craft Center

Build Quality

When looking for the best drafting table, one of the first things that you’ll always need to consider is the quality of its construction. Drafting tables that have been carefully assembled will be far more reliable, and they’ll be more likely to give you a longer return on your investment before you need to buy a new one.

A more reliable drafting table will also be less likely to fail on you at the worst possible moment, such as when you’re working on a project. Factors that influence the build quality of a drafting table include the price, the materials with which it is constructed, and where it is made.

Even though a drafting table with high build quality may cost you more up front, you’ll likely make that money back in the money you save not needing a replacement table.


You’ll also need to consider how far you can adjust your drafting table, as that’s one of their main benefits over a standard table. This degree of adjustability lets the user angle the table to suit their needs instead of needing to move around the table and perch themselves at an uncomfortable angle.

There are a few ways that you can adjust a drafting table, but the two main methods are the adjustment of height and the angle relative to the horizon. Some drafting tables will feature multiple work surfaces that can be adjusted, while other models will only have a single mobile surface.

About The Product


  • Work surface dimensions: 35.5 x 23.5 inches
  • Features a 24-inch sliding pencil ledge
  • Comes with a shelf underneath the desk
  • The upper work surface can be adjusted from flat to 40 degrees
  • Equipped with three drawers
  • The legs are equipped with six floor levelers for improved stability
  • Comes included with a stool

This drafting table from Studio Designs is a relatively affordable model that is still constructed with precision and care, making it the right choice for customers who want good build quality. This model also comes equipped with features that include floor levelers, an adjustable pencil ledge, and more.

When compared to other models in its price range, the Eclipse Craft Center has it all. For example, the upper work surface is roomy enough to be used for a variety of projects ranging from a small pencil drawing to a massive blueprint. This surface also features a fully-adjustable angle, which can tilt up to 40 degrees.

There are also a few extras that simply make this desk easier to use when compared to other models. The ledge underneath the work surface gives you plenty of room to store things that are too bulky to fit in the three drawers that are positioned to the side of the drafting table.

Of course, reliability is another benefit of this model, and its sturdiness is mainly due to it being made out of heavy-gauge steel. This makes the legs tougher and more stable, something that is aided by the inclusion of six floor levelers, with one positioned at the end of each leg.

Assembling this drafting table was relatively straightforward, and the three pages of instructions were clear enough to guide us through the process without any issues. We also appreciated this inclusion of a free stool with this drawing table, and it was a little more comfortable than the ones included with other products.

What Others Say

STUDIO DESIGNS Eclipse Craft Center Drawers

We also went through customer reviews and testimonials to give you a better idea of how this model performs. Most of the buyers mentioned that this table was a lot more reliable than other products in the same price range, and they particularly emphasized the quality of the hinges of the adjustment mechanism.

One of the main gripes with this model was that the drawers were made out of cloth, which means that sharp pencils and other supplies can puncture them. While rigid drawers would have been preferred, they likely would have increased the cost of the drafting table even further, and many buyers found them sufficient.

Buying Advice

Finally, you’re probably wondering how much this drafting table is going to set you back, and as we’ve said, this product is relatively affordable. You can get one of these drafting tables for as little as 100 dollars, and it can be purchased from a range of retailers, though your best bet would be to search online.

Final Thoughts

Picking the best drafting table for your needs doesn’t have to be a challenge and the Studio Designs Eclipse Craft Center proves that. We hope that our review helped you make the right choice, and feel free to leave any comments down below!

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